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Prevention is the NEW Treatment

Make sure you are offering your customers an opportunity to PREVENT  with a Solution Center from Merck Animal Health. With so many treatments scheduled to come off the OTC market, retailers have a great opportunity to start offering their customers ways to PREVENT cattle diseases  by vaccinating, deworming and good fly control practices. Merck is making Prevention easy on the customer and on your employee by pulling together key seasonal products onto solution center displays.

Merck is offering three Solution Centers this Spring:

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Merck Pinkeye Solution Center

Pinkeye Solution Center

Focused on Pinkeye Vaccines, fly tags, and pour-on

Spring Horse Health

Focusing on dewormers and spring vaccines

Merck Horse Health Solution Center

Merck Activyl Solution Center

Activel for Dogs & Cats

Activyl contains a BRAND NEW ACTIVE INGREDIENT to the OTC Market: Indoxacarb.

  • Activyl Spot-On works by using a method called bioactivation, a method in which the active ingredient, indoxacarb is fully activated by using the flea's own enzymes.
  • Activyl Spot-On doesn't just kill adult fleas, it stops flea eggs and larvae from developing, breaking the flea life cycle and keeping the home and pets safe.


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