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NEW - Monster Mix

Introducing Monster Mix

Less Work, More Results

Westbrook Monster Mix Deer Feed grows healthier animals and larger antlers on all species of deer.

After years of diligent research, the Monster Mix team came to an obvious conclusion: Providing more nutritious feed consistently over a short time results in a bigger, healthier deer. Especially during the Winter months when their bodies are pulling nutrients to stay warm and grow. When forage is leaner, the deer are attracted to tastier, healthier feed, and that's where Westbrook Monster Mix Deer Feed excels.


  • Naturally replaces minerals and nutrients lost by muscle and antler development.
  • Assists the animal in building a stronger resistance to illness.
  • Better muscle and antler development for about the same cost as grain.
  • Feed, not bait! This is a product that develops better game with less work.

WPVS is excited to be offering Monster Mix to our loyal customers today! Purchase yours here!


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