About WPVS

West Plains Veterinary Supply of Springfield, inc, hereafter referred to as WPVS, was established in 1962 by Mr. Glenn Lipscomb with a primary focus in the distribution of both large and small-animal health products. Since then, WPVS has been continually growing and expanding its market presence, exemplified most recently by expansion of its shipping fleet and its 2007 completion of a new, state-of-the-art distribution warehouse, central office, and retail outlet at 2845 West Kearney Street in Springfield, MO.

WPVS is currently under the leadership of Darell Bandy, General Manager and Zane Mathews, Assistant Manager. Our staff is comprised of four full-time Territory Managers, four full-time Customer Service Representatives, five Truck Drivers, a top-notch Inventory Control team, a full-time Accountant, a full-time Retail Manager, and a full-time Marketing, Media, and PR Specialist.

WPVS prides itself on customer service and hard work, and the dedication of our management and staff to these ends has yielded amazing results. Presently, WPVS reaches every corner of agri-business industry, distributing a wide variety of companion animal products, large animal products, premium pet foods, lawn and garden essentials, agricultural sprayers and parts, and animal pharmaceuticals. As of 2009, WPVS was a $15 million business, and our distribution volume has only continued to increase.

WPVS’ growth has been accompanied by many changes in demand; today, in contrast to decades past, our distribution is comprised of about 72 percent pet product and only about 38 percent animal-health product. Also, our retail outlets have helped us to gain a unique understanding of the current trends and best practices of an ever-expanding pet-supply marketplace. This knowledge is especially applicable in the rural Midwest, where over the past several years our Territory Managers have added premium pet foods and companion animal products to more and more rural stores that once only stocked feed and farm supplies.

People say that “the only constant is change,” and this statement may not be truer in any other industry. However, one thing that has not changed over the years is West Plains Veterinary Supply’s commitment to building long-lasting relationships with both our vendors and our customers. We invite you to explore the many ways WPVS can put these relationships to work for you in 2011 and beyond as we continue to grow and expand.