August 2012 New Products

August 2012 New Products at WPVS

Prozap Insect Guard Strips 2.8oz

Compression Sprayer 1.5 LT – Orange

Collar 1inX20in Pink

Infinity Elite Purifying Pet Fountain 180oz

Infinity Elite Purifying Pet Fountain 125oz

Electro Dex 30lb

Dipel Dust Biological Insecticide 4lb

Triple Action Plus II 16oz

Knotties Chet the Pumpkin Man

Candy Corn Lg

HuggleKats Woodland 12 pc

HuggleKats Water Asst 12 pc

Lambies Gray

Lambies Natural

Knotties Elf Mini

Knotties Black Cat Lg

Knotties Black Cat Mini


Holiday Cookie Basket 15 pc

Snuggie Bunny

Humongous Bone Brown Plaid 2′

Wiley the Ladybug Minor

Wiley the Ladybug Major

Snuggie Bear Toy Bin

Antler Rope Toy Blue/White

Antler Rope Toy Red/White/Blue

Antler Rope Toy Small Dog White

Antler Rope Toy Pink/Brown

Goat Trough Hook Over 9qt

Natural Choice Lite Lamb 5lb

Natural Choice Chicken/Rice/Oatmeal Puppy 5lb

Natural Choice Chicken/Brown Rice/Oatmeal 5lb

Natural Choice Senior 5lb

Natural Choice Lite Lamb 15lb

Natural Choice Chicken/Brown Rice/Oatmeal 15lb

Natural Choice Senior 15lb

Natural Choice Large Breed Chicken/Rice/Oat 15lb

Natural Choice Lite Lamb 30lb

Natural Choice Chicken/Brown Rice/Oatmeal 30lb

Natural Choice Senior 30lb

Natural Choice High Endurance 30lb

Natural Choice Large Breed Chicken/Rice/Oat 30lb

Bully Stick Large 6in

Bully Stick Large 12in

Pig Ears 60ct

Sausage Roll 5in

Sausage Roll 8in

Little Stinker 8 Roll Refill Bags 120ct