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September/October 2012 New Products at WPVS

Cobalt 7 10ds

Cobalt 7 50ds

Cobalt 8 10ds

Cobalt 8 50ds

Pillow Bed with Applique 27×36

Pillow Bed Plaid Plush Assorted Colors 27×36

Oval Lounger Bed 16×13 Assorted Colors

Oval Bed with Bone Applique 20×16

Z-Tag Multi Cutter Display 50ct

Pet Steps Infaltable

Potty Paws

Baking Tray Dog Bone

Baking Tray Paw Print

Baking Tray PDQ Bone

Dog Butler Deluxe

Pugz Dog Boots Small

Pugz Dog Boots Medium

Pugz Dog Boots Large

Pugz Dog Boots XL

Hydro Tow Power Panel

Tee Bone Pillow

Pet Gel Mat Small

Pet Gel Mat Medium

Pet Gel Mat Large

Pet Gel Mat XL

Joint Treats 12oz

Tomcat Disposable Bait Station 1pk

Tomcat Disposable Bait Station 2pk

Tomcat Disposable Bait Station 4pk

Tomcat Bait Station w/ 4×1 oz of Bait

Tomcat Bait Station w/ 8×1 oz of Bait

Tomcat Bait Station w/ 16×1 oz of Bait

Tomcat Disposable Rat Bait Station 1pk

Tomcat Block 4×1 lb

Tomcat Dealer Mitigation Starter Kit 46pk

Mole Killer Worm Formula Display 10pk

Mole Killer Grub Formula Display 16pk

Grass Saver Soft Chews 120ct

PV Freeze Dried Treat Liver/Potato 3oz

PV Freeze Dried Treat Chicken/Potato 3oz

PV Freeze Dried Treat Sweet Potato 3oz

NC Fish Meal Rice and Potato 15lb

NC Chicken/Rice/Oatmeal Puppy 30lb

NC Fish Meal Rice and Potato 30lb

NC Large Breed Puppy 30lb

NC Large Breed Senior 30lb

NC Large Breed Weight Management 30lb

Nutro Care and Treats Holiday Display 112ct

Sweet Potato Chicken Jerky 6oz

Sweet Potato Duck Jerky 6oz

Apple Chicken Jerky 6oz

Liver Chicken Jerky 6oz

Chicken Poppers 6oz

Twisted Duck Sticks 6oz

Twisted Chicken Sticks 6oz

Apple Duck Jerky 6oz

Chicken Wrapped Retriever 10in

Duck Wrapped Retriever 10in

Chicken Wrapped Donut 3.5in

Chicken Wrapped Donut 5in

Duck Wrapped Donut 3.5in

Duck Wrapped Donut 5in

Permethrin 13.3 8oz

Permethrin 13.3 32oz

Scours and Pneumonia Treatment 6.4oz

Fiproguard Spray for Dogs and Cats 6.5oz

Fiproguard Spray for Cats 6.5oz

Fresh Breeze 2X Carpet/All Floors Gallon

Fresh Breeze On the Go Spray 8oz

Fresh Breeze Upholstery Spray 32oz